Feature Story:

Elle Mich Posh Boutique by Michelle Spight

The world is waiting to hear my voice…


muffled by so many of life's phases. It's no coincidence that I have navigated through tough terrain, terrain that has taken some out prematurely.  Growing up like many without my biological Dad being a part of my life was a fundamental breach.

Determined not to be another statistic I found myself at the age of 19 marrying the man I fell in love with and a baby in tote.  I convinced myself that I wasn't hurrying to get married just because I was pregnant but that this was the man I couldn't imagine living my life without. After 23 years of marriage, five beautiful children and a new grandson; I'm now discovering the essence of the woman I shelved. I decided not to proceed with my own dreams and aspirations for the sake of keeping my family together and grooming them to be their best. Life has taken me and my family on a journey we weren't expecting; the unimaginable divorce. However, through it all I am embracing without bitterness or malice the good and the invaluable lessons learned. I will always love and respect my husband for the gifts I was given in my children and the happy memories shared.

It is very easy to lose your identity especially when you take on the self-sacrificing role of wife, and mother at an early age. I was consumed with boosting my husband and his aspirations and dreams. Being all that my children needed me to be and serving as a First Lady to many congregations over a 20 year period. Seemingly, the only people that truly appreciated the sacrifices are my children.

Queens transition through difficulties that sometimes cause stumbles in their stride, but they always manage to straighten their crowns and keep moving forward.

Today I am unapologetically rediscovering the rose within and embracing the essence of who God has called me to be. I've realized that strong women aren't defined by a title but through the work which makes the titles. I'm no longer operating in the man given title of "First Lady" but I'm always a "Lady First”. God has blessed me to fulfill my passion of Fashion and I'm proud to be the CEO of Elle Mich Posh Boutique, which is a pop up shop of signature styles that always make a statement. I'm also embarking on a long awaited journey to pen my first best-selling memoir entitled "Cracks in the Pew.” My new book will further chronicle my journey and inspire others to forge ahead in the discovery of their self-identities and self-empowerment. Women are such multi-faceted beings, and we manage to play various roles for so many. Often our lives are convoluted with juggling a myriad of responsibilities and what we must NEVER lose is ourselves. Commit today to be the BEST you can be, you are unique, you are a couture creation designed to conquer the world..... Go get it!